My name is John Infante. I live in Fort Collins, CO with my wife Rachel, our newborn daughter Emma, and our dog Kody.

This is a website focused on two things: fatherhood and running, hopefully with a lot of overlap and intersection between the two of them. I’ve been writing here since Emma was born in 2017.

My day job is as a digital and social marketing specialist for a local nonprofit. I also teach courses in sport marketing and management as an adjunct professor for Southern New Hampshire University’s online program.

You can follow me on Twitter here.


Almost all the work for this site is done on my 10.5” iPad Pro. If needed, I jump on a trust 11” MacBook Air. I also do shorter writing, capture ideas, and admin tasks on my iPhone 8 Plus.

For software I use:

  • Writing: Almost all the words for this site are written, edited, and published using Ulysses. I will though sometimes experiment with other apps.
  • Communication: I like to try email apps, but normal end up back on Mail.app or the Gmail web interface. I use Tweetbot as my Twitter app, and Reeder for RSS.
  • Productivity: I use OmniFocus to track all my tasks, Workflow for some light automation, and Drafts as my text inbox.